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Barcelona CLS or cable landing station provides an open access cable landing service to subsea cable operators to provide them, most importantly, with a neutral, safe and secure landing in Barcelona.

AFR-IX telecom offers full set of services, including Landing Party, Beach Manhole, land route, cable station and protected Backhaul to major Data Centers and fiber routes, in addition.

8 submarine cable corridor

Barcelona CLS designs a cable corridor for an initial of 8 cables from the territorial waters limit up to the limits of the city.

Global View

The cable corridor is designed based on the most safest route based on the knowledge of the submarine seabed

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  • BMH is designed and submitted with a minimum of 4 cable systems for each Manhole.
  • Backhaul to major fiber trunks and networks in Barcelona to existing Equinix, bitNAP and future Data Center area (Protected Ring).
  • A cable station site identified and acquisition secured (1,5 km main route, 2,5km redundant route) from BMH area. (1,200 Sqm)


Barcelona CLS connects directly to BitNAP

BitNAP Datacenter is a carrier-neutral data center in Barcelona, operated by MBA Datacenters.

BitNAP is a neutral data center provider that doesn't depend on any network provider. It allows to access the widest range of providers through bitNAP to select the appropiate connectivity and use multiple carriers to establish redundancies, ensuring robustness and reducing costs.