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Interconnection services

Internal Connectivity

Rack Cabling to MMR

Fiber cable to the MMR is required to establish a cross connection at the Barcelona CLS, which is the secure management area where all connections are made between the parties.

MMR Cross - Connection

Barcelona CLS provides fiber interconnection between parties and fiber extensions via MMR Cross-connect. Our engineers install and manage the connections which run through a centralized and secured MMR.

This helps our customers to do business with minimal latency and highest security levels.

Customer Patching

Customer can order:

» Connection between the RODF and a termination port or ODF position at the customer BCN CLS facilities.
» Connection between ports and/or ODF positions at the customer’s facilities

Manhole Connectivity

Get your own fiber cable with up to 48 pairs of fiber strands to the BCN CLS through a dedicated subduct from any street manhole in the vicinity of the BCN CLS shown on the map, sending it to the MMR or directly to customer's own facilities.
Routes A and B provide two different access routes from outside to two separate rooms in the BCN CLS. Your fiber cable can reach your own facilities at the CLS or the MMR where we will splice each fiber strand to a MMR demarcation.

Duct CLS

Metro Haul connectivity

Dark Fiber Solutions

Fiber pairs between BCN CLS and Data centers in the Barcelona Metropolitan area.
Create your own Metro fiber Ring with a fiber pair on each Route.

North Route | South Route

metro haul connectivity

Lambda solution

Eline Metro Solutions

Dedicated Lambda in our DWDM metro solution connecting The Barcelona CLS and main centers in Barcelona area.
Ring protection available.

Best fitting solution for connections requirements ranging from 100Mbps up to 10Gbps.

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