Connectivity Services

Barcelona CLS is a neutral international connectivity hub. Our clients are free to choose whichever connectivity partner they prefer.

It also has direct connection to international trunks so you can reach wherever you want.

Internal Connectivity

Backhaul – Welcome Fiber Service

Dark Fiber – Metro ring and long haul connectivity

Cross – Connection Meet Me Room

Welcome fibre cable

Get your own fibre cable with up to 48 pairs of fibre strands to the Barcelona CLS through a dedicated subduct from any street manhole in the vicinity of the building as it’s shown on the map.
Send it to the MMR or directly to customer’s own facilities.

Routes A and B provide two different access routes from outside to two separate rooms in the building. Your fibre cable can reach your own facilities at the CLS or the MMR where we will splice each fibre strand to a MMR demarcation.

MMR Termination

Barcelona CLS takes care of fibre cable connections to MMR ODF positions

Customer’s rack space termination

Dedicated subduct from any street manhole connecting to Barcelona CLS and fibre cable delivery at customer’s rack space.

Metro ring fibres

Barcelona CLS provides Dark Fibre between the facilities and the main Data Centres in the Barcelona Metropolitan area. Experience the advantages of having your own fibre-optic infrastructure without having to build or manage it yourself.

This service allows you to own a metro fibre ring with a fibre pair on each route available.

Route diversity

Recognizing the significance of network route diversity, our primary objective is to safeguard your business. Barcelona CLS is committed to offering a geographically diversified dark fibre network, and provides alternative paths that ensures diversification.

metro ring Barcelona DCs

Cross – connection

A cross-connect is a physical, point-to-point cable that establishes a direct and exclusive connection between two distinct customer-specified endpoints. These cross-connects enable businesses to establish dedicated and private connectivity with one another, inside a carrier house space, in order to exchange data traffic.

Barcelona CLS provides fibre interconnection between parties and fibre extensions via MMR cross-connect.

Barcelona CLS guarantees the installation of all cross-connects within the agreed-upon SLA, as specified by our customers.

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Barcelona CLS applies strict environmental controls to regulate temperature, humidity and other factors that can impact hardware performance.

The cooling system removes excess heat from the air and replace it with cooler air.