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Barcelona, the alternative entrance to Europe

The hub connecting the Mediterranean to Africa and the Americas
The new landing point in the Mediterranean for cables coming from Asia and Africa.
Barcelona CLS - Extensions
Barcelona CLS is the new landing point in the Mediterranean offering different extensions. From Barcelona, services can be extended over multiple terrestrial cables to:  
  • USA by MAREA via Bilbao
  • UK by TGN-WER via Bilbao
  • Lisbon by ACE, WACS, EIG, SAT3 & MAINONE
  • Madrid, Central Europe & Atlantic (France) via multiple terrestrial routes
The digital port connecting Africa, the Mediterranean, Europe and North America.

Barcelona CLS is the perfect location to connect Africa & Europe offering:

  • The shortest latency for interconnection to US via Bilbao.
  • The fastest interconnection to Lisbon and African cables.
  • Fast access to UK via WER from Bilbao.


  • Fiber access to the peninsula and fiber ring to Europe.
  • Access to Barcelona, as an ICT location.
  • Great location in Sant Adrià del Besòs.


What else differentiates Barcelona Cable Landing Station?

Open access
Open Access Cable Landing Station

Neutral and independent
Neutral and independent landing party

submarine cable experts
Submarine cable experts with proof tracked record

orginated in Barcelona
Originated in Barcelona, deep knowledge in the area and ecosystem

Open portfolio
Open product portfolio, from Landing Party to Infrastructure provider

to USA and Africa
The fastest way to arrive to USA and Africa

Data Centers
Sound accessibility to the main Data Centres


Barcelona CLS, part of AFR-IX telecom group, applies group's Compliance's standards. AFR-IX telecom aims to internalise the ethical principles and codes of conduct corresponding to human dignity and fundamental rights of the individual, as well as those of society as a whole. Read more on our Compliance page