Subsea Cable Services

Barcelona Cable Landing Station provides an open access cable landing service to submarine cable operators for a neutral, safe and secure landing in Barcelona.

We deliver a full set of services, including landing party, beach manhole, land route, cable station, protected backhaul to major Data Centres and fibre routes, engineering services and consultancy.

Landing Management

Landing Party

Front Haul Services

Cable Landing Station

Metro Ring and Backhaul

Carrier House Services

Landing Management

Barcelona CLS arranges permits and licences for all the landing infrastructure (BMH, front haul and CLS), to host up to 8 cables.

Barcelona CLS will provide the right of use of the PiP achieved for the selected cable route in territorial waters and the existing infrastructures on the beach.

The permit process also includes:

Landing party

AFR-IX telecom, the company operating Barcelona CLS, is a licensed submarine telecom operator registered as a submarine cable telecommunications operator.

AFR-IX telecom offers to act as landing party, as IoR, providing operations and maintenance services to any subsea operator company.

Fronthaul Services

Barcelona CLS provides the right of use of the existing BMH and fronthaul infrastructures to install a new submarine cable. The service includes the operation and maintenance of the infrastructures.

Optional fronthaul cable repair service is also offered.

Cable Landing Station

Barcelona CLS offers private 40 m2 rooms (8 m x 5 m) to host up to 8 subsea cable systems.

Cable operators choose the height of the false ceiling, DC and AC power requirements, temperature and humidity conditions, footprint layout for racks, etc.

The operator is responsible for their own equipment installation in the private room. However, if requested, Barcelona CLS can offer specific installations in the room.
This service also includes the use of the existing vault room to allocate a 2-meter diameter vault cable and the use of 2 m3 of space for spares in the warehouse room.

Metro ring and backhaul

Barcelona CLS offers protected end-to-end backhaul (fibre and capacity) solutions with diverse routes to the main Data Centres in the area (Equinix1 BCN BA1, Atlas Edge, Edged, EdgeConneX, Digital Realty, etc). The facilities are also connected to Data Centres areas by means of an own dedicated cable installed in well-protected infrastructures.

Barcelona CLS, as open landing station, is open to all national operators to access with their own cables. Third party destinations are also possible.
From Barcelona, services can be extended over multiple terrestrial cables to Bilbao (Marea, Greace Cooper, Anjana, TGN WER, etc.), Lisbon for (ACE, WACS, EIG, SAT3, MainOne),  Madrid, Central Europe via multiple terrestrial routes and to Atlantic France (Bordeaux).

Carrier house services

Barcelona CLS offers 400 m2 of dedicated space to allocate ROADM, SLTE, OTN or other needed equipment. The offer includes racks and dedicated cages or private areas if requested.

Barcelona CLS interconnection is based on the MMR principle for interconnection. All carrier house services offer redundant paths to the two differentiated MMR.

The Metro ring services end in the two separate MMR for each one of the protected routes.

8 submarine cable corridors

Barcelona CLS has the concession for eight corridors of submarine cable system

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Barcelona CLS applies strict environmental controls to regulate temperature, humidity and other factors that can impact hardware performance.

The cooling system removes excess heat from the air and replace it with cooler air.