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Colt Technology Services reinforces its presence in South Europe with a new connection point located at Barcelona Cable Landing Station

bcn cls building

News / January 10, 2023

AFR-IX Telecom welcomes Colt Technology Services (Colt), who will shortly start operating from Barcelona Cable Landing Station (Barcelona CLS), making it the station’s first land-based client. As a result, Colt, a leader in terrestrial fibre optic routes and a world leader in high bandwidth network and voice services for businesses and wholesale clients, consolidates its […]

DE-CIX and AFR-IX telecom sign strategic partnership to enhance Barcelona as a major digital hub

façana barcelona cls

News / November 7, 2022

  Frankfurt am Main/Barcelona, 7 November 2022. On the back of the first anniversary of DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, entering Catalonia with DE-CIX Barcelona, the company today announces a strategic partnership with AFR-IX telecom. Headquartered in Barcelona, AFR-IX telecom is the infrastructure and telecom operator that operates the Barcelona Cable Landing Station (CLS). Barcelona CLS, the […]

The 2Africa submarine cable lands in Barcelona

Ile de Seyn vessel

News / November 3, 2022

Meta announced on 24th October the arrival of the 2Africa submarine cable in Barcelona, in a partnership with AFR-IX telecom, the landing partner and the owner of the Barcelona Cable Landing Station (Barcelona CLS).  Next morning, the first international submarine cable landed at the Sant Adrià de Besòs beach, where the beach manholes of Barcelona Cable […]

Barcelona Cable Landing Station is ready to receive the first international submarine cables

inauguration picture

News / November 3, 2022

Barcelona Cable Landing Station (CLS) it is already a reality. This key infrastructure is ready to host up to 8 submarine fiber optic cables and will soon become a benchmark digital port in the Mediterranean. The arrival of the first two cables will take place before the end of the year. The infrastructure has involved […]

Barcelona, Madrid y Lisboa, tres enclaves únicos para el futuro de los data center

Facts,News / September 13, 2022

En los últimos meses, son un constante las informaciones sobre el peso de los data centers como valor estratégico en las economías. Esta presencia mediática no es más que el reflejo de una realidad: la necesidad imparable de estas infraestructuras por el incremento exponencial del tráfico de datos a la nube, la implantación del 5G, […]

Interxion follows in AFR-IX telecom’s wake and chooses Sant Adrià de Besòs to build a new digital hub in the Mediterranean

News / June 8, 2022

Interxion, a Digital Realty company and one of the data center giants in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), recently announced the acquisition of a space in Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barcelona) to build a new connectivity hub. This is its first infrastructure in Catalonia and will be added to the three data […]

Smart cables, the future of submarine fibre optic cables

smart cables

Facts / April 6, 2022

Source: ASN Submarine cable technology has evolved a lot since the first cables were put into operation in the 19th century for telegraph communications. Improvements have been made in aspects such as the form of transmission (pairs, coaxial, fibre optic), cable protection and insulation, signal transmission (analogue and digital from copper to fibre optic) and […]

Submarine fibre optics as a key to the metaverse

Facts / February 24, 2022

Submarine fibre optics as a key to the metaverse One of the words we are going to hear most this year in the digital sphere is metaverse. Since Facebook (now renamed Meta) announced its commitment to this new world of immersive virtual reality, interest in how the Internet of the future will evolve has been […]

Barcelona CLS will be connected to BitNAP, a neutral Data Center


News / March 30, 2021

Barcelona Cable Landing Station will have a direct extension to BitNAP, a neutral data center that allows connection to the main operators As a neutral data center, bitNAP does not depend on any single provider and allows access to a wide range of operators to select the appropriate connectivity. Operators connected to bitNAP will have […]

Post-covid era: the rise of teleworking and the need to strengthen connections


News / March 1, 2021

The rise of teleworking and the need to strengthen better connections The stupor caused by the presence of covid-19 in our lives and the drastic changes we had to assume were, to a large extent, palliated by an essential good in the 21st century: The Internet and the possibility of staying connected, from our homes, […]